Monday, May 24, 2010

Dublin and Disney

Well we've been covering some miles these days! Eric got to go to a conference in Dublin which seemed pretty cool, we wouldn't know because he only took 12 pictures of the same two places. But he did seem to enjoy it and we are all really happy for him.

Grandma came back from her trip to Utah, Aunt Jenny is doing better after her fall but is still in a rehab center on a feeding tube. Bummer huh. But she is in high spirits.

We took our family vacation this year to Disney World. It was fantastic! I'm not yet ready to dawn my vehicle with Disney logo's but it was as they say, 'magical'. Grandma was in a wheelchair and the kids were in a double stroller. We carried a ton of food with us at all times and we did feel like meals on wheels for a while but it was a blast. Jefferson's favorite part of the whole trip was the hotel. Yip, 4 parks, Disney characters, rides, candy etc...and the hotel room was her favorite! Hilarious. Well, the rest of us had a great time actually in the parks as well.

Will has learned to torment Jefferson by ripping out clumps of her hair. He got her twice this week and he started coming after me, biting too. The first kid didn't do this! Mean little booger! He's just so cute, he lures you in with those big happy eyes, he snuggles up to you then BAM!

We are currently mourning the end of LOST. Six years and May 23rd it came to a fantastic end. I will admit, I cried! I'm feeling a little lost with out it and also disturbed that I have such an emotional connection with FAKE TV PEOPLE. Ha!
Best-The Colemans

This was our first time to Disney, whew! Loved it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wilmont's First Birthday and Jefferson goes to the Dentist !

Wow, he's a year old! How fun is this?! Becuase he is the second child we almost completely forgot his birthday! How sad is that!? Actually we were in Orlando for the weekend and that was pretty RAD so don't feel to bad. He got to see a giant turkey at a little children farm (no they don't farm children there). Happy Birthday Man! Thanks for all the great laughs!

Here are some video's:

The plant picture is of a grape fruit blossom that is now turning into a little grapefruit! Isn't that neat! Florida is amazing!

I took Jefferson to the dentist today. They called her name, she got up by herself and told me she was just fine on her own, then left me in the waiting room. She came back 40 minutes later with a bag of dental treats and the praises of the dentist and the staff. 'She's only 3?' They asked? Apparently she got along just grand with the dentist his crew just famously. She got a cleaning and a fluoride treatment. My job was to pay the co-pay.

I'm getting the drift that she's a little bit independent! A few weeks ago she was to give a talk in primary. When I got up to help her she chastised me in front of the entire primary saying she could do it all by herself and had me sit back down! Wow. What can I say, I've got a little firecracker here! I'm grateful to the Lord for the excitement and fun my family is. I think my job as her mom is to just not get in her way!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here is what is going on these days!

I'm giggling at the moment quite merrily.

When I published this post I didn't see the order of the pictures. I just logged on and saw the title and the first picture. HA HA! That is hilarious! If you didn't catch it, feel free to scroll up. ha ha!

Life is fun and drudgery! But all in all we are doing well. I've just heard that my friends the Buckwalters have just been blessed with a little girl and that the Newtons are expecting! My old b-town friends! I miss you and I'm so happy for you!

Will is pondering walking and now has seven teeth. He's a biter. I now get to be the parental unit who apologizes to kind old people who are drawn in by his smile and outreaching hands only to be masticated.

Jefferson is starting wee ball this Saturday and is really excited. Mom (Grandma Marge) had her hip replaced in January and is now on a cane and doing great! We think that she and will will learn to walk with out assistance at the same time.

Eric is doing great at work, and like most professors (as so I'm told) hates to teach! I'm doing well, and am planning on taking a calculus class this fall to prepare for a masters program I'm interested in. I've simply become bored of myself complaining that I'm not using my brain enough and I think this will help a lot..or it is demonstrating that I am insane. Either way, fun dates with Eric. He wants to sit in on the class with me. Man could we be any more COOL?

Jefferson was really excited about the picture with the frogs hugging.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas...Tallahassee Style!

Well, it's 3:50 AM. It's been a kid night. Now, everyone but me is sleeping and I'm wide awake. I'm thrilled. Well, at least I get plenty of quiet time to type. The kids are doing great. Will started crawling this week! Jefferson is all girl and makes us all laugh and smile. Tonight she was a little heart broken when I told her no to this request (like 45 times) "Mom can I PLEASE have tuna on my chocolate chip pancake!?". I'm not pregnant and I still felt nauseous!

I've been looking at various friends on facebook and updating address for my Christmas card list. It looks like I'll be e-mailing most of my cards this year as I accidentally sent my pictures to get printed to the wrong Walmart...3,000 miles away in Utah. So...looks like E cards for everyone. Lame but hey what ya gunna do?

On thanksgiving morning I was able to do the Tallahassee Turkey Trott with my good friend Bonnie and her family. Jefferson and Bonnie's little girl Erin were my jogging buddies. I had a great time. I averaged a 12 minute mile with a double stroller. I'm still sore ha ha! Bonnie is fabulous! She did this thing, running it, pregnant!

I hosted a play date where we decorated gingerbread houses. My friend Renee hooked me up with info on melting sugar to bond the graham crackers together. This worked like a charm, and the next morning I got up to find the humidity had melted the crackers and the glue. The kids did their best but it was like trying to decorate...a wet graham cracker! Ha! We did the decorating on my back deck. It was so hot my eyelids were sticking. As we finished the last one, some rain drops fell...then the sky fell. A few hours later I had a 70 foot river in my back yard! Florida man!

We are flying to Utah in 24 hours for Christmas and Eric's sister's wedding & his nephew's wedding. We are very excited and can't wait to see Jefferson and Will with their cousins. For those of us far from family I'm sure you understand this well. We don't do slumber parties with the kids, but cousins and Christmas are exceptions so she is livid with excitement! She told me she wants to have a tea party with Grandpa and a snowball fight with Grandma Coleman. Kids are great. I can't wait to see Eric with his family. It's a large family and this is only the 2nd time in 7 years I've seen them all fact it may be the first time because a few years back one nephew was serving a mission! Wow!

I also get to see my whole family too! We are meeting in Salt Lake City to see the lights at temple square and hopefully eating a great little German restaurant. It all seems so nostalgic and pretty. I can't wait to hug my sister and my brothers.


For Other Video Sources: Will Crawls The Great Flood

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Panama City Beach: Weekend in Florida

We have the fun privilege of now taking weekends and going to the beach. We went to Panama City Beach this weekend for Eric's scuba diving certification. He had a blast and got plenty of sun to prove it! The kids and I had a really fun time taking advantage of the white sand and waves. Lots of laughs and beauty.

Florida does offer a lot. We love it here. However the recent infestation of 'Love Bugs' is pretty bizarre. They fly while mating, and are mating ALL THE TIME, hence the name. They fly low, slow and hover.
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You can just smack them with your hand. They die easily, however there are millions of them, so until the weather changes, lots of loving in Tallahassee!

Jefferson also started her first dance class and she LOVES it. Of course as parents we became warm butter when we saw her. Man, kids are so great! Love our family.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Settling Down In Florida

Will jumped himself to sleep and Jefferson got hit by an airplane (band-aid on her head). She and her little friend got a little too excited about flight with a toy plane and there was BLOOD! Later she ran next to our car and didn't see the rear view mirror and she smacked her head against it and knocked herself to her bum! We didn't even need to put on a new band-aid because the old one was right where the smack happened. I appreciated her doing this as we go through band-aids so quickly (smile). Aside from head wounds, Jefferson loves to spend her days running through the house in pretty dresses.

We've finally unpacked everything I think we will unpack. Those last 5 or so boxes will probably live and eventually be eaten by the back of my closet and that is just fine with me! I've heard updates from friends back in Indiana and now we are starting to create our own stories are are emotionally separating ourselves from where we are and adjusting to where we are. I found a preschool for Jefferson and she'll start in October, I've found doctors, talked insurance and know where the restrooms are in most of the stores we go to.

Eric mowed the lawn today, our first lawn ever! Jefferson and I watched ceremoniously from the front window. I threaten Jefferson with her live to stay away from the mower telling horror stories about loosing toes or an eye. I think she will be terrified of the yard for years.

Will loves his jumper, he fell asleep in it as you can see. We've made a few friends and are happy to be in the 'South'. People here are kind (except for Wal-Mart employees, they do their best, but I think you just loose your soul there, so I don't blame them).

Jefferson has made friends with the girls across the street and we love it! It's fun to hear her play pretend with her friend Emily. The doll house in her room provides hours of entertainment.

Hoping fall comes soon and with it cooler temperatures. Then we can start landscaping the back yard....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Our First Week In Tallahassee

The B-Town BOyZ

St. Marks, Florida: Finding Hermit Crabs in the Sand

I'm always a sucker for good moving stories. All I have to say about our two day drive down here was that we (Grandma, mom and Jeffri) stopped and visited Dinosaur World and the 24 foot Budget truck with car tow behind broke down on Eric no less than six times in 48 hours.

We didn't close the day we expected and our last inspection of the house proved that the seller hadn't completed the things stated in our contract. Also, the unfinished work surrounding the fireplace brought in hundreds of German cockroaches. I have experienced may phases from sheer horror, to disgust, to gross, to now I kill them with my bare hand. The exterminator, Chuck, is on speed dial. He's a nice guy with a handle bar mustache and a can of poison I have come to call manna.

The bright side, is bright however. Our home is beautiful and a perfect fit for our family. Our neighbors are pleasant and the grocery store isn't far. The Elders Quorum showed up and had our truck unloaded in one hour. This means the EQ here is equally as cool as the EQ in Bloomington. My b-town boyz loaded the beast in 1 hour flat. Whew!

For anyone who knows the Moody family from Bloomington, they now live south of Tallahassee. We are good friends with them and had the good fortune of celebrating the 4th of July with them. My first Sunday was cool. I got out my car and was pleasantly greeted by a member of the Bloomington Stake. I quickly found out her twin sister lives in Bloomington. Crazy huh?

So now I'm in hot pursute of playdates, mom friends and the best GoodWills to shop at (smile). I feel very fortunate to be in a home and to be finally done with school. I especially love flushing the toilet and knowing my neighbor can't hear it!