Monday, May 24, 2010

Dublin and Disney

Well we've been covering some miles these days! Eric got to go to a conference in Dublin which seemed pretty cool, we wouldn't know because he only took 12 pictures of the same two places. But he did seem to enjoy it and we are all really happy for him.

Grandma came back from her trip to Utah, Aunt Jenny is doing better after her fall but is still in a rehab center on a feeding tube. Bummer huh. But she is in high spirits.

We took our family vacation this year to Disney World. It was fantastic! I'm not yet ready to dawn my vehicle with Disney logo's but it was as they say, 'magical'. Grandma was in a wheelchair and the kids were in a double stroller. We carried a ton of food with us at all times and we did feel like meals on wheels for a while but it was a blast. Jefferson's favorite part of the whole trip was the hotel. Yip, 4 parks, Disney characters, rides, candy etc...and the hotel room was her favorite! Hilarious. Well, the rest of us had a great time actually in the parks as well.

Will has learned to torment Jefferson by ripping out clumps of her hair. He got her twice this week and he started coming after me, biting too. The first kid didn't do this! Mean little booger! He's just so cute, he lures you in with those big happy eyes, he snuggles up to you then BAM!

We are currently mourning the end of LOST. Six years and May 23rd it came to a fantastic end. I will admit, I cried! I'm feeling a little lost with out it and also disturbed that I have such an emotional connection with FAKE TV PEOPLE. Ha!
Best-The Colemans

This was our first time to Disney, whew! Loved it.


Micah and Emily said...

What a blast in the magical land of Disney! Looks like you guys are doing great!


Stacy said...

Yay Disney World! Glad you got to go. How dare Eric go to Dublin before me! I was actually trying to go either this year or next. Oh well. It'll happen. :) I'm glad you guys are having a fun summer!